Lubricating waxes and wax emulsions

The purpose-designed industrial lubricating waxes and wax emulsions from Klüber Lubrication deliver a ready-to-handle surface. At the same time, they reliably protect your components against wear and corrosion. Depending on the lubrication, for-life lubrication is possible in many cases, thus saving unnecessary labour expenses.

What are industrial lubricating waxes and wax emulsion?

Lubricating waxes are not solid lubricants in the proper sense. They form a dry-to-the-touch layer on the surface of the prepared part to ensure reliable lubrication while reducing boundary and mixed lubrication friction. They consist of high-molecular synthetic hydrocarbons, additives and oil (mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbon).

Wax emulsions differ from lubricating waxes in that they are water-based and contain emulsifiers. The water evaporates leaving a film that adheres reliably to the surface.

Worth knowing: at a specific temperature waxes become fluid. The melting point depends on the constituents and the composition of the wax.

Protect chains and other components reliably against wear and corrosion

Dry lubrication using one of our speciality industrial lubricants offers many advantages. While greases are often very susceptible to the adhesion of dust and dirt, the surfaces of wax-lubricated components stay cleaner. Depending on the product, cold application is often possible allowing the wax to be applied to the polished surfaces without other aids.

Lubricating waxes offer excellent protection against wear and corrosion of, for example, ropes and chains. The right speciality lubricant can make the assembly of small parts considerably easier, such as allowing bolts, bushings or rivets to be easily pressed into their fixture due to the lower resistance.

Our lubricating waxes also prevent squeaking of hinges and ensure smooth running and operation of industrial components in frictional contact.

Wax emulsions

the cost-efficient lubrication solution for mass-coating

Wax emulsions are particularly suitable for simultaneous automatic lubrication of a high number of small parts. They are easy to apply to industrial components by means of spraying or dip-spin coating. With a suitable wax emulsion, you can coat screws & bolts, rivets, dowels, seals, sliding surfaces or plug-in connections quickly and above all cost-efficiently. The integrated UV indicator enables an effective quality control of the coating after application.

Your benefits

Lubricating waxes and wax emulsions from Klüber Lubrication

No matter whether you opt for an industrial lubricating wax or a wax emulsion, the products from Klüber Lubrication will support you in optimising the service life of your components and provide chains, ropes and other applications with long-term protection against corrosion and wear.

  • Based on our holistic approach and our high-performance test equipment we develop the optimal solution for your specific requirements and applications. Our application engineers are available to you at any time for dip-feed bath inspection or dealing with general application issues.
  • Based on our state-of-the-art and innovative test rigs that we use to test and continuously improve our lubricants, we can provide you with the optimal performance your application demands.

Klüberplus SK 11-299

was especially developed for the initial lubrication of steel chains. The lubricant is mainly used for chains exposed to dust, dirt, lint or in direct contact with water.
This lubricant is used for conveyor, drive and control chains operating under low load and at chain temperatures of up to 60 °C in non-aggressive environments, where long running times or for-life lubrication can be attained.

Klüberplus SK 02-295

is suitable for many different applications. It is registered as NSF H1 and can be used for the lubrication of food-industry components that have incidental, technically unavoidable food contact. Klüberplus SK 02-295 has been especially developed for industrial applications such as press fits, allowing for easier pressing in of pins, bolts and bushings. It is also very suitable for use in metal forming processes such as the deep drawing of CrNi steel, aluminium sheets or threading and boring of sheets.

Let’s protect your machines against wear and corrosion.