Our spray systems are used, among other things, in large gears in driers, and on toothed racks in general mechanical engineering. Various media, such as grease, oil, water and emulsion, are sprayed as standard. These lubrication systems are primarily referred to as total-loss lubrication systems. These spray systems are not just suitable for minimising friction but also for spraying workpieces for the purpose of cooling or corrosion protection. High-viscosity media can also be sprayed and its use down to an ambient temperature as low as -25 °C is possible with an optional heating system.

spray lub application

The lubricant transported by the pump is conveyed along a line to a nozzle. The lubricant mixes with the supply of compressed air in the nozzle. Depending on the application, the lubricant is then either sprayed intermittently, continuously or in a defined quantity. Different spray patterns and widths of spray can be generated, with the width of the spray and also the distribution of the lubricant depending on the medium, air pressure, temperature and air throttle setting. The volume of lubricant needed can be significantly reduced by a good distribution when spraying the lubricant.

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