Services on large gear drives

Our experienced service engineers assist with the commisioning and running-in of plants and perform regular inspections over their entiree lifetime.

Our core competencies are the inspection, maintenance and repair of large open gears in the cement industry.

Lubricating system

The lubricating system is inspected to see e.g.if lubricant lines are tight and not bent and if the barrel hitting is correctly installed so as to avoid overheating. The Klüber experts also judge the cleanliness of the lubricant containers and the surrounding area, and will point out any risk of lubricant contamination.

Vibration measurement

By regular calibrated electronic measuring tools, which gives the values up to the digits after the decimal point.

Temperature measurement

Guidelines for the acceptable temperature differences:
Up to 4°C: normal
Beyond 4°C: an adjustment is useful
Beyond 8°C: an adjustment is necessary
Beyond 12°C: an adjustment is vital

Inspection of concrete foundations

The concrete foundations should be examined for cracks. Cracks indicate that the foundations are subject to extraordinary loads. Changes to the foundations may affect the pinion bearings and consequently the drive unit as a whole.

Load caring and true running of gear rim

The analysis where gear starts with the conditions of the pinion drive related to Ites geometry.

Condition of contact surface

Tooth flank damages are often connected to:

  • Insufficient hardness
  • Wrong lubricant choice
  • Pollution of the lubricant
  • Wrong lubricant flow and/or application

Mechanical treatment

The mechanical treatmeent of the tooth flanks encompasses the following work steps:


  • Tooth flanks – measurement/profile generation
  • Milling off progressive pitting
  • Grinding off burs and chamfering edges
  • Smoothening tooth flanks by grinding
  • Documenting work steps with picturees and text
  • Possibly making silicone impreessions of some tooth flanks for the customer to keep
  • Preparing running-in lubrication


The mechanical treatment used for these drives is based on material removal. Deviations in the tooth shape, material distortions, loose particles, plastic deformation as well as cold and hot wielding folds repaired first by rough, then bye find grinding to restore the original tooth profile.

The Klüber Lubrication product portfolio for forming processes includes oils with or without solvents, graphite oil and suspensions, a deep-drawing paste that is unique in the global market, and innovative products such as powders and lubricant varnishes that support the economical operation of your machinery.

trci mechanical treatment 1

Service package for open gear drives

  • lubrication management with selection of the right lubricants and optimization of consumption rates and re-lubrication intervals.
    Regular inspections of drives are agreed intervals.
  • Lubricant conception optimization program.
  • Support in alignment of transmission gears.
  • Repair service such as grinding of pitting and mechanical treatment of flanges.
  • Support and optimization of lubrication systems.
  • Analysis of lubricant samples.
  • Detailed written report with appropriate documentation for each inspection service.
  • Training program for staff.
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