Multi-line systems are used with grease or oil in consumption and circulation lubrication systems.

A tank filled with lubricant is screwed to the pump housing.

In terms of the pumping principle, a differentiation is made between radial piston and axial piston pumps. The movement of the piston, which alternately performs a suction and a discharge stroke, meters the lubricant through the pump elements and out of the pump housing. From the pump outlets, a direct connection, for example, is possible to the lubrication point or a connection to a progressive distributor, to increase the number of lubrication points to be supplied. Up to 30 pump elements can be supplied directly with lubricant with WOERNER multi-line pumps. Different metering volumes are also possible, with individually adjustable pump elements and non-adjustable pump elements available. Depending on the type, the pumps are available for pressures of up to 400 bar.


  • High pressures and therefore long distances are possible
  • The supply of lubrication points is completely independent
  • Supply of even smaller quantities, individually adjustable
  • Intermittent and continuous supply of lubricant
  • Long service life
  • Low-viscosity oils and grease up to NLGI class 3
multipoint benefits

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