Fibre gasket sheets

Burasil-Basic, -Universal and Buratheerm N Gasket sheets for service in low to medium pressure and temperature applications for process equipment and paperwork in industry and for utility applications like gas and water supply. Approval/certification includes: DVGW, KTW, HTB, WRAS, WRC, TA-Luft, BAM (Oxygen max. = 120°C/130 bar), TA-Luft.

PTFE gasket sheets and tapes (Burachem & Quick-Seal)

Graphite seals and tapes (Statotherm Graphite gasket sheets, tapes, Statotherm R Profile rings & Statotherm V and V-Flex cover seals)

Metal Gaskets (Spiraltherm spiral wound gaskeets, Corratherm corrugated gaskets, Kammprofile serrated gaskets, Buralloy metal jacketed gaskeets & Buralloy ring type joints)

Typical applications

  • Stationary machine
  • parts
  • Flanges
  • Flange-like joints
  • Bulkheads

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