Single-line systems are the most commonly used lubrication systems

and, among other things, are used in general mechanical engineering, for instance in machine tools.

This system is often used as a consumption lubrication system, however circulation lubrication with oil is also possible. These systems generally have up to 100 lubrication points with a lubrication line length of up to 30 metres. Liquid grease and oils are suitable for use as the lubrication medium.

single line sys 1
single line sys 2

With this type of centralised lubrication system, a pump pumps the lubricant at intermittent pressure from the storage tank into the main line. A certain number of single-line distributors are connected in series along this main line. Separating the medium into the distributors pumps a precisely metered amount of lubricant along the lubricant lines to the lubrication points, with the metering volume being largely independent of the viscosity and back pressure. In terms of single-line distributors, a differentiation is made between prelubrication distributors and relubrication distributors. We speak of a prelubrication distributor when the lubricant is pumped in the line during the build-up of pressure. This takes place when the main line is being depressurised or after it has been depressurised with relubrication distributors. To pump lubricant to the distributors again, the pressurised line needs to be depressurised so that there can be the requisite shift in the distributor. Pressure is then built up again to pump the lubricant.

single line sys 3

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